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20 Years Of

There are plenty of reasons WHY A Foreign Affair has been awarded MULTIPLE TIMES ...


( 1 ) LIFETIME Recurring Payouts!

Do you want to get paid once? OR, month after month - FOREVER!

You have worked hard to build your product and traffic. Why would you want to settle for a ONE TIME payout when you can receive earnings from the referral (customer) often for years into the future? Many customers may not spend the most money for months, even years after they sign-up and begin exploring their opportunity. Our affiliate programs ensure that YOU will share in ALL of that revenue. A single tour sign-up results in a $500 payout itself - in addition to the other revenue you have earned from the referral of the customer!

Our lifetime payout program is offered by no other major dating service today!

( 2 ) NO Conversion Time Limits

NO tracking expiration. Two, three, four years - more? Count your money!

( 3 ) Numerous Earnings Opportunities

Broad specturm of services and products. Up to $500 PAYOUT per sale!

( 4 Superior Affiliate Tools and Support

Unique dating products and 20 years of experience = SUCCESS!

( 5 ) Custom White Lable Web Sites

For qualified, high traffic affiliates. We build it for you - YOU PROMOTE IT!

( 6 ) Unparalleled Customer Support CONVERTS!

Customer support matched by no other dating agency = CONVERSIONS!

( 7 ) Foreign Country Affiliate Program

With 18 international corporate owned offices and more than 100 foreign affiliate offices worldwide, your referals experience CONVERSION RETENTION!

( 8 ) Twenty Years of Success and Experience!

We have been doing this for a long time, since 1995. We know what works and why ti works. This means genuine opportunity for you where your efforts can be ruchly rewarded. And your LIFETIME PAYOUTS are secure!

Don't Delay - Sign Up Instantly TODAY!

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